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How Much Can You Comfortably Afford, Really?

Graduating from college in May 1976, I immediately began my new job two days after my last exam. I didn’t walk during graduation and that was one of the many things in life I wish I could get a mulligan on. However, I was flat broke when I graduated and needed to get to work. I was getting married later that summer and it was important to get a little something in the piggy bank – like pronto. We had a blissful first year of marriage and the following spring, April 1, 1977 – we purchased our first home! Yes- HOMEOWNERS!

That had a nice ring to it! It wasn’t much by today’s standards, but my goodness, how proud of it we were! Attached are a couple of documents showing my bi-monthly paystubs and the closing statement for the property at 8 3/4% interest. I hope you get a kick out of seeing some of these figures and comparing it to today’s figures. Times have changed for sure and will continue doing so. One day I hope you’ll look back and get a kick out seeing where you’ve been, too. If I can help you get there – I’d welcome the opportunity to share my experience and vision with you. Let’s go look!

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